Thymus Spray Ambiente


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Thymus Spray

A house’s personal touch it’s not see only with eyes, it’s perceived also by its perfume. Borns thus our vaporiser, for who doesn’t renounce perfuming their own ambients with style and refinement.
An elegant spray bottle, ready for every occasion, that preserve your favourite fragrances.

The intense aromatic notes of Thyme are combined with Sage and Chamomile in a pleasant and enveloping essence.Thymus has a tonic and stimulating action and thanks to the addition of Sage it has also anti-inflammatory properties.An energizing fragrance that takes its name from the plant that in ancient times was considered a source of physical vigor and courage.

HEAD NOTES Thyme, Myrtle
HEART NOTES Sage, Coriander
CODE NOTES Rosehip, Chamomile

Bedroom, Relax Area