Our company

Chiara Firenze was born from the idea of ​​interpreting in today’s key the ancient tradition of the art of processing essences in the city of Florence.

A world of ingredients from which magical blends come to life, fragrances that adapt to the needs and tastes of all smells, which stimulate memories and emotions for every type of environment and activities that take place in it.

Chiara Firenze employs the skills of her collaborators in the continuous search for novelty and exclusivity, always keeping the roots and traditions tied to Tuscany firmly in place.

The fragrances of Chiara Firenze are a journey that stimulates the sense of smell, to excite, evoke, transport to this land rich in art, history and knowledge. The most authentic face of Tuscany, where nature, culture and everyday rituals come together in a precious elixir.

The art of handmade

The secret charm of Chiara Firenze products is the uniqueness due to the artisan care. Each step is entrusted to the experience of its collaborators. All the steps are done manually, the glass containers are filled with essences, the elegant labels characterize the containers that are closed with wooden caps and sealed with copper cables that embellish the package.

Each Chiara Firenze piece is so imperfect and for this very reason inimitable.
Particular attention is paid to respect for the environment, plastics are avoided wherever possible, favoring natural ones such as paper and wood.

Each Chiara Firenze fragrance is the result of the skilful combination of essences with a high concentration of essential oils and natural absolutes that make it unique and alive.

Each element and ingredient is chosen with the utmost care and attention to raise the quality of the final product in order to offer exclusive and unforgettable fragrances. From this point of view, all the raw materials used are GMO-free and free of animal derivatives. The alcohol used is bio-alcohol, derived from the processing of sugar beets.

A special link with the tradition of the territory

Each Chiara Firenze line is a journey through one of the facets of Tuscany, olfactory notes that transport the history and culture of this land to nature.

Chiara Firenze selects unique materials to embellish her fragrances and make them even more original. Thus was born the line dedicated to the ancient art of Montelupo terracotta: fragrant medals and exclusive jars bring a corner of Tuscany to your rooms.